[Solved (or something like this)] Auto open project bug

when I start GDevelop, it open the last used project. this has been the case so far. but after the latest GDevelop upgrade, this automatism is open the earlier save, and the latest save isn’t in the “open recent” menu. the save file isn’t lost (thank god) but I need to open it in the traditional way, after the automatism is opened something.

oh, and one more thing. I used the “Save as” function before I start work, to leave the latest version as a backup. but after I start working, I use “Ctrl+S” a lot. so definitely that was the latest version (latest project).

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in other words, it open the last opened (with “Open project”) file, not the last used file. because when you save as, GDevelop is change the actual project to the newly created, so you don’t have to open it with the “Open project”.

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Can you take a look @HarsimranVirk ?

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This is exactly what the “automatic open” does, I’m not sure if it’s a bug or it’s just something not implemented. I’ll explain how this works, can you confirm that it works correctly?

  1. Whenever the user opens a project/file, it is stored in the recent menu.

  2. If the user closes the project before closing GDevelop, it is assumed that the user doesn’t want to work on that project the next time he/she starts GDevelop, because he/she has actually taken some time to close the project (instead of simply closing the app). So, the “automatism” doesn’t bother the user.

  3. If however, the app is closed while the project is still opened up, it is assumed that the user will work on it the next time :grimacing:. So, the “automatism” will basically open the most recent project stored in the recent menu.

Now, if the above steps are followed correctly, I’ll not consider it a bug, but rather a lack of functionality. Maybe there are some cases in which we should track “save as” as well? We could extend the implementation then since at the moment it’s pretty basic :grimacing:.

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Thank You for the fast reply and the explanation!

in the light of new information it seems it’s not a bug. the function seems to work exactly as it should! thank you and sorry. I misunderstood the thing.

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while I was translating GD, I found the relevant text. I checked in GD, is this an outdated line or what. I found the text of the description is misleading:

for the reasons explained in this topic, please correct it. something like that: “Automatically re-open last opened file”. because the current sentence does not correspond to reality.

We can probably do both:

  • Change this to “Automatically re-open last opened file at startup”.
  • Add an explanation test (FormHelperText) below telling than “If you close GDevelop while having a project opened, it will be re-open the next time you start GDevelop.”
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the first would be great.
however, this topic was originally about the second not being true. I won’t go into detail again why, but if you read it back you’ll understand. tell me if not.

You’re right, save as should be “fixed” so that it is this file that is considered as last edited and so this is this one that is re-opened.