[SOLVED] Panel Sprite Bug on android

So, really weird bug happening! I have 2 panel sprites on my game for now. One of them works perfectly fine on both android/pc/Mac. The other one only shows its blue color on android and texture doesn’t show. This even happens when playing through Chrome browser and not from an APK export. For example, on Mac I can see the texture on chrome and on Android I can’t see it through chrome browser or APK.

Here are the examples:



Not sure if it helps but I also uploaded video samples of this bug:
Mac: AFA Panel Sprite BUG - Chrome Playsession - no png texture bug MAC - YouTube
Android: AFA Panel Sprite BUG - Chrome Playsession - no png texture bug - ANDROID - YouTube

Some things I already tried:

  • Used a jpeg image instead of png. Same bug
  • Changed the layer to be on the same one as the layer from the working panel sprite. Same bug
  • I thought there could be some coding bugs but there are no events that are using this object

Really would appreciate some help with this. It is driving me nuts.
Thanks in advance


What is the dimension of your image ? And which dimension your object have on scene ?
Keep the dimension below 2048px.
Which version of GDevelop you use ? b93, b94 ?

This is mostly an issue with the graphic API called PixiJS. The current version of this API in in v4,can you try this build, this one use v5 of the API.

You need export manually, all export with the build service doesn’t use the v4. that’s why you need export manually andbuild yourself the APK with cordova for example.

SOLVED! Thanks very much! It was the very first thing you said! I had a giant panel sprite with huge dimensions and that was the problem like shown here:

I split it into 3 different instances with smaller sizes and it worked out fine!

Once again thanks for the help!

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