[SOLVED] Pixel Perfect Extension (D8H) bug

I am using D8H extension for the scroll camera because the Gdevelop built-in camera has jittering.

I am using pixel perfect extension aswell to have coordenates with integer numbers although I don’t notice for what, since my game resolution is 456x256 and always the pixels are alligned to that grid resolution regardless the resolution of the computer: 1080p, 720p…

Round pixels when rendering in Gdevelop game settings makes the same but only visually, keeping coordenates with decimals, so I don’t need it either for keeping alligned the pixels to 456x256 “grid”

However just in case I would like keep the pixel perfect extension but I have a bug related with the platform extension, I have create an example to reproduce this bug where it seems the default platform controls are working when they are totally deactivated from the behaviour menu.

To reproduce this bug you have to collide the playable sprite (black square) with the blue square.

The behaviour expected is a jump backwards on collision and after the playable sprite lands and stops.

The behaviour resulting, because pixel perfect extension is on, is a jump backwards on collision and after the playable sprite lands and moves forward.

download example here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U6CVxoKDs5XUhvzjYVfzQI1-Nr2-c2re/view?usp=share_link

The purpose of the pixel-perfect extension is to avoid the character to stop on half a pixel like on the following screenshot but still keep smooth motion.


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ok, I undestand. So your extension is not working well. It has a conflict with platform behavior unable to stop an object after landing of a jump just like the example that I have shared.

Coincidentally now I would need your extension because I have added scanlines to my project and I don’t want that the sprites stop in odd/scanlines pixels.

The bug seems related to key released action of platform behavior is not working and the movement continue without pressing the arrow key

There was indeed a bug in the pixel perfect extension. It’s fixed in the 0.1.2.

The conflict was with the “change the horizontal speed” action of the platformer character. It still won’t work with forces but platformer characters should never be moved with forces. The platformer behavior has its own system to handle speed. Using anything else will be hazardous.

I modified your example to use the platformer actions instead of forces:

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ok, I didn’t know that forces could not be used. Thanks for helping me, you are very kind.