[Solved] Platform behavior: Pressing Z (Jump) + C performs a bugged jump

Hello folks from Gdevelop, I would like to report a small bug I found while working on my game.

I’m not using the default controls, I’m using the Z button for Jump and I’m planning to use six buttons on the keyboard (Z, X, C, A, S and D) to perform actions. While I was working on the game, I’ve noticed trying to jump while holding the key C performed a bugged jump.

By moving, holding C and pressing (or holding) the jump button (once again, assigned to the Z button) doesn’t allow the character to jump while moving. They only jump if I stop holding the right button (while keeping the C and Z buttons down). Even then, even if the character jumps, the player doesn’t move to the right if I hold the direction.

It only happens to the right side: moving left works normally.

At first I thought it was something with the game I’m making, I’ve deactivated several events and made it as basic as possible, and even then the problem persisted. Then I’ve used the Platformer example provided by Gdevelop, used the custom buttons (Z to jump) and I held the C button down while trying to jump. And it happened in there too, for my surprise, it wasn’t just happening in the game I’m working in.

I just thought I could share this information with everyone, I would like to know if it also happens with someone else and is a bug with the application, or it’s only happening with me. Thank you for your attention! :slight_smile:

I can’t replicate your problem. I’ve added this to the Platformer example and to a new project :


and it works fine in both cases.

Is this all the code you add to the platformer example provided by GDevelop?

If so, could it be an issue with your keyboard? Try out the game on another device, and see if the problem persists.

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MrMen, so it didn’t happen with you? To clarify:

  • With the custom buttons, press Right to move the character;
  • Keep the “C” button pressed all the time;
  • Press “Z” and try to jump.

On the ground, the character will refuse to jump until you stop pressing the Right button, then the character jumps. However, even if the character jumps, while keeping the “C” button pressed, they won’t move forward.

I’m surprised it didn’t happen with you, I used the Platform example provided by Gdevelop, and it happened just like in my game. But I digress, I will try doing it using another keyboard. Thank you for helping me so far. ^w^

EDIT: Just a little update, I’ve used another keyboard to test the game and the Platformer example… And you were right, MrMen, it was the keyboard. I’m quite shocked, I really didn’t expect the problem was from it. Thank you so much, MrMen, and I would like to apologize for taking your time.