(SOLVED) Pressing (P) while on Piskel dosent bring up the Pencil Tool

Its been like this since i started using GDevelop.

Pressing (P) shortcut wont bring up the Pencil tool, it just brings up the mouse cursor.

Every other Key works properly except for this one :frowning:

Kiinda of annoying when you just want to do little adjustments to you sprites.

Im using the Windows Desktop version of GDevelop.

Hello, MagicBiscuit

You could go into the shortcuts panel and change the “Shift Color Index Tool” to a different letter, as by default it is also with the letter P.

Shortcuts are saved even after you close and reopen Gdevelop. I’m using Linux Mint XFCE. I hope it works with Windows as well.

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Hey that worked!! Thanks a lot!! :smiley:

Reason i thought it might be some sort of bug its because i use the desktop version of Piskel a lot, and on that (P) is only bound to the pen tool fresh from the install.

Glad to know it was an easy fix :smiley:

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