[SOLVED]Preview not loading when I have procedural generation

SOLVED: I copy-pasted the events from the procedural generation example and it worked fine.

I was adding procedural generation (using this tutorial ) and all was good up until I started putting in the noise. It had completely stopped loading when I had the preview open, as well as having black in the corners when I stretched the window where the white I put in should stretch to. I opened up a different project, and it loaded normally. When I copy-pasted the procedural generation though, the same thing as before happened. I removed it, and it worked perfectly fine. I restarted and shut down my computer, closed GDevelop and then re-opened it and it still happened. Why does this happen and how do fix this?

Maybe there is a cycle running infinitely without a way to stop. May you put a capture of the events you are using?

What do yo mean, it completely stopped loading? Does the loading bar appear at all? Can you press ctrl + shift + i, click on console and see if there are any messages in red?

If you give us a screenshot of your procedural generation events, then we may be able to spot any potential error.