[SOLVED] Preview stuck at 99%

Hello, my preview stops at 99%, I don’t think I changed anything in the scenes and events, but maybe I deleted some pictures from the project file…
The console shows this error :

code0.js:9817 Uncaught TypeError: gdjs.PreparationCode.GDChooseObjects1.createFrom is not a function
at Object.gdjs.PreparationCode.eventsList91 (code0.js:9817)
at gdjs.RuntimeScene.gdjs.PreparationCode.func [as _eventsFunction] (code0.js:11241)
at gdjs.RuntimeScene.renderAndStep (runtimescene.js:371)
at gdjs.SceneStack.step (scenestack.js:39)
at runtimegame.js:530
at gameLoop (runtimegame-pixi-renderer.js:424)

Does anyone know what it means ?
Thanks !

It happen to me whenever I code something wrong …

Ok, thank you!
But my game worked and I havn’t changed the code…

Actually preview is not working for a lot of projects, so I don’t think that the problem comes from my code.
I think my problem is since the last GD update that allows to apply changes to the running preview.

Can my problem come from there ? Should I uninstall GD and reinstall it ?

Theproblem is solved.
I just reinstalled it (without uninstall it) from the beta96 installation file. It did itself the last updates.

Glad you found a solution :smiley:

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