[SOLVED] Record video function

I’m trying to use the “record video” function.
I wrote this code

I try to move the commands everywhere but it failed all the times.


That “Recording has started” condition is true only once when the recording has started, i.e. straight after the “Start recording” action. You’ll need to remove that condition. There doesn’t appear to be a condition that returns whether the recording is in progress.

I’m sorry but this isn’t the correct solution: the message are OK (I read stop on my console). Anyway, I tried to remove the condition but it doesn’t work.
I have a doubt: does it work on preview window ?


I’ve had a chance to play with it, and there appears to be a timing issue between when the recording is stopped and when the object holding the video becomes available. I ended up putting a delay between when the two actions, and this seemed to overcome the problem :

Oh, and I don’t think using a backslash ("\") in the path name is a good idea - I think it may get treated as an escape character. So either use forward slash ("/"), or a double back slash ("\\")

@MrMen ,
wow, you are a geniuos. It works !!!

When using record, is it smooth even in preview or does it require minimal conditions?

I don’t know - I’ve never used it before. I just looked under the hood and worked out what it does to figure out the OPs problem.

understood and thanks! See you in another post!

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Please start a new thread for your request. It’s not part of the original topic.