(SOLVED) Renaming objects doesn't work on linux

I’m using GD but don’t know what version (Just downloaded from the main page), on linux mint olivia
can’t name an object while creating it (Add Object) GD names it New Object
also can’t rename it, If I do GD shows in the right window (Editor?) the new name, but when trying to add events to the object GD only recognizes the NewObject name, now for the tutorial this might be no big deal but in developing a game; after the first dozen objects (NewObject thru NewObject11) how am I suposed to remember who is what?

This is a bug that should be fixed in the new version I’m going to release today :slight_smile:

Today? :mrgreen:
Really? :mrgreen:
My God! You just made my day a lot better (Despite the Insommnio and the killer headache!

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thank you, Merci, Dankeshen, Muito agradecido, Grazie. (Repeat ad Infinitum)