[SOLVED] Reorder Actions

Am I missing something? How to you easily rearrange actions? You can drag/drop lines of events, but how do you easily move actions? I’m using the copy/paste but is there a way to drag them or move them with a keyboard shortcut?

Maybe this is a suggestion. I’d love to be able to drag and drop actions or move them up/down with a key press.

Press Shift and mark what you want of actions then copy or cut them

Thanks. I know you can multi-select but I was hoping for something more visual or easier like dragging/dropping.

here you can do it

Here’s an example:
I created the condition “left mouse button is pressed” and it has several actions. If I forget an action that I want to be first, I add an action, cut it and then paste it over the first action. I’m wondering if there is another way?

Put your events in groups.
Then you can copy paste the groups

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Events are like boxes on the screen that can contain multiple conditions (on the left) and actions (on the right).

Individual conditions and actions in an event can be reordered by dragging them up and down within the event, or even between events.

Events themselves can also be reordered, but you need to drag them by using the small draggable left edge of the event box.

Does that help, or have I misunderstood the question?

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Thanks. I’m wondering about the actions. I guess the current answer is that you need to copy and paste to change the order of actions. A lot of times, order doesn’t matter but sometimes it does. I’m just looking for another option than copy/paste. Maybe drag them as well or a [move up] and [move down] in the copy/paste popup menu.

Someone mentioned “group of events” that has dragging. But I was thinking about the basic line that has conditions on the left and actions on the right.

The “group of events” is nice. Maybe I’ll use.

I’m wondering about the actions.

But I was thinking about the basic line that has conditions on the left and actions on the right.

Your first comment refers to an individual action, whereas your second comment refers to an event (that can have 0 or more conditions and 0 or more actions).

I mentioned how to reorder both in my comment above. Perhaps you can provide a screenshot to show exactly what you mean…

Thanks. Sorry for any confusion. The picture is just an example. The code itself is unimportant. My question was if there was a simpler way to reorder the actions. Using “group of actions” seems to be the best answer.

If you want to move “Set property State…” just below “Play the sound…”, just drag & drop it with your mouse.

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That’s what I thought but it stopped working for me. I just restarted the app and the dragging is back. Weird. Sorry for the confusion. I swear, I don’t know how many times I tried to click and drag and it wasn’t working.

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