[Solved] Room-like camera movement with swipe extension

Good day everyone!
Does someone know what I do wrong with my swipe controls? It’s the same setup like for the keyboard controls but it seems like the blocker-objects (without any behaviour) get handled a different way because the swipe just kinda works when the blockers aren’t there - be it the direction aimed for or the opposite. Only difference is the “and”-section with the two lines for variables.

The plan:

  1. setting the start and ending of the x/y-axis into variables when swipping
  2. check if X or Y is more dominant and check the difference for positve or negative movement direction.
  3. checking the rest like for the keyboard-controls for inactive cutscene, camera not already moving and direction is not blocked via special object.

I know I hang on this swipe for a long time now (at least on the dicord server), but maybe someone has an idea where my concept is lacking the correct use of the expressions and variables. I don’t wanna use a multi-touch-joystick for a clearer UI where most interactions are just intiutive pressing/touching on special points.
The swipe is only needed for a room-like camera movement, nothing else.

If needed I can also give out a little demo of my project via dm, so someone who could help doesn’t has to build something own to reproduce the problem.

Thanks in regards!

Can be closed - after a few weeks and wondering why the documentation shows expressions which don’t work I found out, there are 2 swipe related extensions and just the wrong showed up to me all the time. “Swipe” and “Swipe Gesture”.
For others - I can’t recommend “Swipe” if you wanne easy achieve what I wanted. Use “Swipe Gesture” instead. :slight_smile:

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