[Solved] Saving an image in Piskel blurs the pixel art

Recently, I updated it to a new version (version 5.1.156), but this new version broke the Piskel image saving. Now in this version, when an image is saved, it will blur everytime. I set the scale mode to Nearest (no antialiasing), and turned Smooth the image off (in Resources), but everytime I save at Piskel, a new image will be created while this option being automatically toggled on, and this happens at the newest version. Can you fix this bug, so the Smooth the image option will remain off when saving an image in Piskel? (Also, when saving an image in Piskel, it will create new files, instead of overwriting them. The old image remains not blurred, but the new image creates blurry image. This is both at file manager and Resources.)


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Currently, it seems like the bug was fixed, since the images are no longer blurry when created, though I am not sure.

I found this:

If you import a single sprite it works also withinn Piskel
If you import a strip of sprite from within Piskel, it seem all right, but when you preview it has a blurred aspect.

The exact problem @4ian is that also if you create a game “Optimized for Pixel Art”, on import of a sprite sheet the “Smooth the Image” checkbox is always checked on Resources. Single images behave correctly

This bug will be fixed in v5.1.157 for desktop and was fixed on the web-app already. Thanks for reporting it!

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