[Solved] Session and save project files

Has anyone else noticed yet that the servers are down and it just looks like GDevelop has been wiped from your computers? I decided to try and put in a long workday on my app and GDevelop is just gone. You can see the status on https://www.githubstatus.com/
Does anyone somehow have an estimate on how long GDevelop will be down for?

How do you work?
Can you give us more details?
Gdevelop’s services have a problem with online exports but it is being fixed, will be online quickly there will be no updates to make on the user side.

Hey Bouh, I work from home and now that the servers are back up I opened up GDevelop just to find that my project is nowhere in my files. I have saved my project on multiple occasions. I’ve never had this issue before and I’m going to reset my computer to see if that helps

I figured out the issue and I feel like a complete moron. I panicked when all my GDevelop files weren’t there and didn’t even realize my sister had switched the computer profiles😅. Thanks for responding and sorry for wasting your time lol


Sorry we can’t help you with your sister :smile: