[Solved] Shape Painter - Close Path of Arc

I’m trying to draw an arc with the shape painter object.
The problem is whether “close path” boolean is toggled or not in the “shape painter object>arc” event, it always closes the path between the start and end point of the arc, making a pie.

Here is my event sheet.

Here is the actual result:

You have the fill color and the outline color with the same black color, so you can’t see the difference on your shape.
But i can tell you the shape isn’t close, close the shape mean the outline go back to the start point and close the outline.
For get only the outline add 0 to the fill opacity in your shape object.
Or if you want just drawn a line use the “arc path” action.

If you want a shape like this:

You should use


Thank you!
Advanced path should be definitely added to the docs. I didn’t see this feature :sweat_smile:

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