[Solved] Trapped in a loop of 'update is available, it will download automatically'

…but it never does. I exit GDevelop, load it again later, and get the same message again.

I am on vers. 5.2.176 and using Windows 11.

It’s been happily auto-updating for months before today.

Will doing it manually cause me any issues with my game? Do I do it on top of the existing install?

Thank you.

Yes, this is happening to me as well.

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Downloading the newest release and installing it over your current install should have no negative effects.

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I didn’t manually installed the update, but today GDevelop successfully auto-applied the 5.3.180 update without any action on my part. I don’t know why it wouldn’t update to a slightly earlier build yesterday, when I originally posted about the issue.

I’m marking my issue as solved, but @RCorney: Did it update automatically for you to 5.3.180 today?