[Solved] Turn off autosave

Autosave ruins my first few projects (and my last project) because after I saved the file, I often edit the game’s code and add unintended objects. But it was all autosaved, and when I load the game next time, the game’s code had been modified and the unintended objects were still added to the game, and I couldn’t open my old file. So GDevelop team, please let users turn off autosave.

When you open the project, and you haven’t saved the changes, it comes up with this dialogue box:


Click on “My manual save” and you’ll get the version without the unsaved changes.

When I open manual save, my entire game became a blank canvas

That will be the last manual save you did.

Yes, that’s when I quit GDevelop

That means the system is doing what is expected. Autosave activates whenever you run a preview. It does not replace nor override your manual save. You are still required to manually save your project.


I manual saved my game, but I couldn’t open it. I could only open the autosave file.

I quit GDevelop a long time ago so maybe it’s fixed now