[Solved] Verifying that you are not a robot sign

I was working on a game in the gdevelop editor today and it would not save my work that I done. So I closed the project and logged out of the editor. Logged back on and a large sign said “verifying that you are not a robot” sign shows up.

I will try again later.

I signed in and opened my project, some of the images disappeared. So I tried to save my project and I got

Visit gdevelop discord sometimes
Right now i see swarm of ppl reporting cloud related crap do not work
Most likely servers are down

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GDevelop is under DDOS attack, online services may be affected.

Seems okay now. Thanks and have a great day.

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I signed up to Discord, but don’t really know how to navigate the program, but am willing to learn. Is this the place to look if there is anything going on with the server? Thank you for your assistance.

Not with servers but this will be 1st place where you will see ppl coming and asking why something cloud service is not working

For example
You made a post about your issue and you did wait for someone to reply
I came to forums cause english help chat was flooded with ppl reporting stuff with cloud service was not working

So i came here to check if there is any info on forums
So as you see i was better informed than you just by seeing a lot of users reporting same thing

You can join gdevelop discord and link to it you have in upper right corner of any forum page i guess
Just click it

NOW i can teach you how to use it
BUT trust me there is nothing to destroy there
Mess around click whatever you want and see what happens

BTW it is great source of information
A lot of ppl come there daily (cause they are to lazy to make forum account)
And ask their question there
Mostly basic problems are solved there and just by reading you can learn from them
Where heavier/more complex issues are rarely solved there and users are told to ask on forums

Try it maybe you gonna like it

That is so awesome. I will definitely log in when I have a question. Sounds great.