[Solved] Version 5.3.179 crashes

I have installed Gdevelop version 5.3.179 (the latest version) and I can’t do any preview. The loading screen turns black (does not load). In one of the attempt, it loaded but most of the objects were not visible and some were images of pink shapes. After this, the program closes when I want to make a preview. I have been able to preview over WIFI/LAN on a cell phone.
Something striking that happened to me when installing this version is that the installation stopped (I’ve done it twice) and asked me to try again…after this second attempt, Gdevelop is installed.
When using the developer tools I can see some warnings.

When running the preview, I could notice that the problem seems to be the loading of resources, because as the project loads, it fills up with resource loading errors to the point that Gdevelop crashes and closes.
This is the first of the errors that appear. The project name is deleted (because it is provisional and I don’t like it :grimacing:), but the “Arial” folder never existed in my project. The rest of the loading errors are from images that are or have been in the project (at least what I have seen before Gdevelop crashed).


This window has appeared in one of the attempts of preview the game.


I think that what is happening to me has happened to several people since the last versions.

Hi @Points,
Could you try to clean your project resources? In the project manager, open the Resources tab, and right click on any of your resources and select “Remove all unused resource”. This will avoid trying to load resources that used to be in the project but are not used anymore (it won’t try to remove the files on your computer)

I’ve been freeing up space on my desktop and updating the graphics drivers and it’s working fine now. I will continue doing more tests and if everything continues to work correctly I will consider this problem solved. Apparently my problem was one of those…or both haha.
Thank you and I will confirm the information later.

I have not had this problem again. Thanks.

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