[Solved] What do you guys use to record screen footage?

I can’t get GeforceExperience to record it since it won’t recognize the game, so I’m wondering what’s the best option for people who have experience recording game footage for marketing and what not. Thanks!!

I use several different screen recorders as I find certain recorders better for certain tasks.

I use Bandicam mostly as it is usually does the job well and has both screen record and game record options so if it doesn’t detect the game I switch to screen recorder but for recording from Virtualbox I tend to use Camtasia.

I used to use Faps but found it recorded massive files with some being over 200 GB in size

I use ScreenToGif. It’s free and can edit recordings and export to gif, apng, video, project, images and psd.

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Are both of these as good as Geforce Experience? I’ve noticed some of these other programs really tax the rig and might lead to framerate drops. But thanks again to both of you fellas, will look at them both.

Bandicam is pretty good and doesn’t lag the game too much as I have a really old pc I can record most games with a solid 60 FPS.

Sweet. I’ll probably check that one out first. thanks.

Personally I really recommend ShareX. It allows selecting a window & recording gifs and video extremely fast and easily, automatically copies it to your clipboard once you are done, and has one click solutions to upload it to many popular video/image hosting sites if the place you want to share it has a size limit or blocks that format. I never got any kind of slowdown, and my PC’s fan never started spinning while recording, unlike with other software I tried like OBS.

For video, I use OBS and use windows capture within it. It can record to mkv and remux to mp4 as needed.

I’ve used ShareX before and it is pretty decent too.

Interesting, thanks.

Also this may be off topic, but if anyone has experience with trailers, how long before release did you put them out?

OBS and sometimes windows game bar

I use OBS. It is is a free screen recording software that allows users to record and stream high-quality recordings without any limitations on file size or duration.

Customizable hotkeys allow you to control your recording. An audio mixer allows you to record video with perfectly timed sound easily.

Thank you! I’m doing some research and it looks like OBS is the best overall. You’re the man.

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Actually when I started using it, looks like it does take a hit performance wise, but that could just be because I’m recording on ultra high settings at 1920X1080 resolution.

I reiterate my recommendation:

ShareX is in my experience much more productive, and doesn’t give performance a hit. While OBS is still a great tool, notably for streaming or composing multiple sources in a single output stream and applying effects at record time. But if all you want is to record footage ShareX provides a quicker, easier and more performant approach. I used to use OBS for recording gameplay footage but now that I have tasted the greatness of ShareX I shall never go back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My only concern was that ShareX uploads stuff to the internet, doesn’t it? So it doesn’t process it locally? That’s just what I saw while looking at it for like 2 minutes, I could be wrong.

OBS seems to give me a tip of 10-20fps while recording the game which is bad for trailer purposes obviously. But then again I haven’t checked or played around with the settings. I’m sort of putting this on the back burner for now.

Edit: there’s also the issue of the GPU. Seems Nvidia doesn’t automatically recognize the game so doesn’t allocate resources to running it, which brings up the FPS. So I don’t know if this may be part of the issue, or if it’s because I just have it record the entire display, rather than Gdevelop itself, or the game. I haven’t looked into this much yet.

It can upload your recordings onto a cloud service or video/image hosting site for you automatically, but by default all screenshots and screen recordings are kept locally

Yeah, I looked into it and I feel a little uncomfortable that it just automatically uploads. Even with an option to turn this off, I’ll just go with OBS for now haha.