(Solved) Why any events i trying does not work

i followed the events tutorial and the events does not work i dont know why because i did evething as the tutorial show me

as long as you are not posting your events and tell us which tutorial you followed no one will be able to give you an answer. Please understand that you have to explain things as detailed as possible.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBZ3kuvr9G0&t=87s this is the tutorial

the thing is i make the same but nothing happen

You are pressing the “B” key in your game? The tutorial uses the ‘d’ (‘D’) key, but you’ve put in the ‘b’ (‘B’) key in the condition in your events.

i already done it with the same letter and the same thing happens

What’s the screen size you are using? what happens if you make the force 500 instead of 50? And you are clicking preview to get it to run and not leaving it in the editor?

i did it and nothing has happened .

Maybe very obvious but just to be sure: NewSprite is placed in the scene?

It is a object in the scene

I just realized that in your screenshot the tab with the events says: Untitled external events. External events are a specific category of events that you don’t need to use for now. They are also not used in the tutorial.

If you open a scene, you will have a tab that shows the editor and another tab that shows the events. They share the same name except for the ending -scene or -events. You need to use the event-tab that is related to your scene to get anything running.

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That was well spotted :smiley:

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As always, it happened just by chance.

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my dear friend i dont know what is happening , i created a new scene and i made sure to follow yours guiade and nothing happens, i start thinking it is a software problem but i dont know why it only happens to me

Okay, so you are using the event tab that is related to your scene now?

I can make the event and it works without any problems, so it is definitely not a software problem in Gdevelop. The most likely reason that it only happens to you is that there is still a problem with your events or the way your scene is set up.

Have you tried other methods to move your sprite? For example attaching the top-down movement or platformer behavior?
The tutorial you followed is not bad but you could also try one that is listed here GDevelop 5 tutorials - GDevelop documentation They are more comprehensive and at the end you have a basic game.

Can you screen shot your editor again?

Thank you very much guys, I found out what is the problem, it happened because the first condition belongs to the beginning of the scene and you cannot add a condition in that place, I created conditions below this main and it works.

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