[SOLVED]Why my fire bullet didn't show up from the point I set?

I start learning this lession “make your first game” and set my fire bullet. But why the bullets didn’t generate from the gun point I set in the mouse of the gun? it’s a lit bit left.
The points are all set. point in gun in the mouse. point in bullet in the center.

Hi Cecilia and welcome, hope you have fun with your games.

Character distance to bullet is below 500 pixels -> delete bullet

Did you mean if the distance is more than 500 pixels?

I create a new project and the bullets show up this time. But it seems the bullet doesn’t come from the gun point I set, it’s a little bit left.

like this

and this

That was my mistake, I didn’t notice your condition was inverted.

I’ve never used bullets, but have you checked the points for the gun in the Edit points section to see if the point is at the end of the gun?

Thanks for your reply! Yes, the bullet point is in here :face_with_monocle:

Hello, Cecilia

What about bullets? Because even though they’re being created at the point “bullet” of the gun, what will be used from them will be their point of origin. If it’s at 0, 0, it could be causing this difference. You could center the point of origin of your bullet if it’s not already centered and do a test.

Thanks for your reply. and yes, it’s in the center. It seems like all the bullets are a little left from the point I set.

Are your weapon and player in the base layer along with BG? Is your BG in position 0, 0? I’m suspecting it’s some problem with the camera. :thinking: Look at my results similar to yours when I put the weapon and player on another layer and moved the BG out of position 0, 0:

Scene editor:


Edit.: but just to be clear, if I don’t change the layer my example is working correctly.

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Put all the items in the base layer and this will work well. Thank you so much for all the help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Thanks so much! I put them all in the base layer, and the problem solved!