[Solved] Wiki edit why delete my info?

Hi mates last month I made a new wiki for a publisher site that I run and manage today I enter to the publisher page and some other user delete my inputs why is this what could possibly be the harm to just add a good intention link with a detailed explanations of create and publish your game online.

Here the related wiki posts.
Publishing games [GDevelop wiki] I added crimsongames.io to the publisher list.
Here the detailed tutorial of how to publish your game.
Publish your game to crimsongames.io [GDevelop wiki]

If I have to check this every month and re add the info is a pain in the ash. please tell fernandocabral that not delete the info.

I can feel your pain. This is why I have quit editing the wiki because it can be a pain to see people delete your staff literally minutes after you publish.

In all fairness though, my articles and tutorials were not well written and I did not have the time to get better at writing so I had no choice but to accept it.

Considering fernandocabral was not just trolling on you, It could be that your platform (crimsongames) is unknown and we just don’t know how secure it is to recommend it in the official documentation for people to go and publish a game on your platform.

Maybe there should be an other page dedicated to list “other” less known platforms where people can publish games with a disclaimer GD take no responsibility in case bad things happens at those platforms like hacking, virus infections, ransomware, data loss, data leak to name a few…

I’m not implying your platform is not secure but we just don’t know…

Permission for fernandocabral has been reduced to read only.
This reduction of rights follows a restoration of this publising page, it is possible that it is accidental so @fernandocabral if you read this, and want to write again please respond here or send me a message to unlock this permission again.

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By chance, there are no more changes from @fernandocabral.
If you see any strange behavior, feel free to contact someone. Currently, 4ian and I have the role of administrator on the wiki.

@UlisesFreitas Your website and guide are welcomed.

Thanks @ddabrahim, @Bouh