[Solved] Wiki full size images not working for Geometry Monster tutorial

Hi, I’ve checked the Geometry Monster tutorial on the wiki page and all it’s fine but when someone click on any image for view it with their original dimensions, the wiki show a new page without image so seems the links are broken.

For example if I click on the first image of this page: 1. Install and setup [GDevelop wiki]

get redirected to this page:

but as you can see the image is not loaded correctly and appear broken.

Anyway if you click on the broken image link, you can see it from another page like this:

Same thing appears on all the images of this tutorial, other tutorials images are ok because are stretched to fit the pages so don’t need to redirect the users to a full image size link.

Sorry for my bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

All link are fixed now. I can’t set a link in a other tab, image are open in same tab. But it’s better than errors.

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Seems that all the images that are bigger than the ones that fits the wiki pages size redirect on the same page with the image broken so i think it’s a wiki redirect issue.

Thanks anyway @Bouh :+1: