Some glitches in the UI but no showstoppers...

I just love this piece of software! Great work! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I run under Windows 7 x64 with all the latest MS patches.

I have however come across these minor glitches so far:

  • The edit link for objects in the properties list becomes inactive when returning from editing.
    :exclamation: Workaround: By clicking on another line in the properties dialogue the link once again becomes active.

  • The name of objects (at least tiled sprites) in the instances list does not update. Nor does the “locked” column when the object is marked as locked.
    :exclamation: Workaround: It seems that if I lock and then unlock the object by right-clicking it and selecting the menu option to lock/unlock, the name and the lock column will update properly. Doing the same thing from the objects’ editor does not work.

  • It is possible to select “Images bank” in the menu bar but unless I also select “Images” in the Project manager or have opened that tab previously, the buttons are “inactive” in the sense that nothing happens if I click them. It would be nice if the Images item was opened automatically when the menu is selected.

  • A similar problem seems to relate to the Code tab. None of the buttons perform any action. I guess some special code editor should be opened first. Not the javascript editor though as that is not affected by these buttons…

  • Compiling to native form and selecting to generate a single file (“compress in a single file”) under Windows does not work. Trying to run the resulting EXE file generates the message “Could not read SFX configuration or configuration not found”. Maybe this is because I have 7Zip installed on my computer.
    :exclamation: Workaround: Do not compile to a single file.

This last item is now solved!
This was probably caused by an invalid cached file. Clearing my browser cache fixed it.
Thanks to “victor” and “mtarzaim” for helping me debug this! :slight_smile:
[size=85](- Exporting for the web without selecting the “minify and optimize” does not work in Windows. The resulting web page will just show a black screen but does not load anything. Could be that later versions of java script security has altered the behaviour of modern browser versions.
Workaround: If I do select “minify” and ensure that Node.js is installed, all works fine!)[/size]

/Mats B.


Strange, it works on my computer (also Win7 x64, with Firefox), what browser do you use ?

Hi Victor!
I have tried Chrome V39.0.2171.95m and IE V11.0.9600.17501.

It could perhaps be related to the web site which is managed by “”.
I should add that if I do a preview it works fine. It is only the published site that fails i.e. when the files have been put on a real web server on the Internet and thus is not running locally.

Thanks for looking into this!


That’s strange because the game is executed on the computer (as it’s js and html5).
Can you open the dev console put all error messages here ?

Firefox or nothing.
IE cannot process ogg. So it won’t work. As for chrome…

If both web and windows local export works fine, it isn’t a GD problem. probably force a limit to CPU/memory use on its server.
Meaning that if your game grows too big, even minimization won’t resolve this issue.

You’re wrong mtarzaim, the game is not executed on the webserver, it is executed on the local computer. So, there are not limits. :wink:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

It seems I must have had a cached file that caused the problem.
I cleared the browser cache and restarted the computer and now both the node.js and the standard version work just fine.
Since I did restart the computer from yesterday I am assuming there was something in the caches of the browsers that was a left over from the trials I performed earlier.

Consider this item closed for now! Cheers!

I am updating the original post to reflect this fact.