Some Questions Regarding GDevelop?

Hello, I am new user who is trying to get into game development as a hobbyist. I tried using Godot and its great (for both 3D and 2D), but getting started with Godot is quite challenging. I know people say its easy, but I think its actually easy for those people who have a prior experience of game development (or programming). Eventually I may pick up coding one day, but its a long way from now.

So, I was looking into GDevelop, especially considering that now it also has 3D. I had a couple of questions about the engine.

  1. The free version of GDevelop says it has 50 MB max resource size. But what does it mean? Does it mean that I cannot use more than 50mb sized assets in a project?
  2. Can I make a 2D Isometric game by using 3D characters (made from Mixamo or similar) in my game?

Basically I am looking to make a choice based Isometric RPG game with lots of dialogues and consequences.Like, choosing random actions/dialogues will lead to different scenes. Is it possible in GDevelop?


Answer 1: The project in total must be less than 50 MB, which is quite a bit…
Answer 2: Unfortunately, you can not use 3D assets in a 2D isometric game.
I may be wrong, though. Also, you can make it so that dialogue makes different consequences, but that will require more coding.

Just to clarify on this:

GDevelop has no hard limits on storage. GDevelop cloud storage has limits, but is a separate service provided by the GDevelop company. If you’re saving your project locally they can be gigs large.

Note: this is different than GDevelop Mobile, which is a separate app funded by and for paid subscriptions and has some stricter limits on what you can do without a paid sub. (still made by the GDevelop company, but a closed source fork of the main engine, not to be confused as “GDevelop on Mobile”)


Thank you for that clarification, Silver.
GDevelop cloud also has a limitation of 10 projects without a paid membership (I think, I’m probably wrong).


I don’t see any reason why you can’t make an isometric game in 3D or a 3D game that resembles an isometric game. It would just be a matter of setting the camera to the right angle.

The methods might be different and some 3rd party extension might not work. In some ways, doing it in 3D would be easier.

Many games successful transitioned from isometric or 2.5D to 3D. Others merged platform gaming with 3D. Although, I tend to prefer the simplier 2D version. There is a lot of potential with the addition of 3D. Although, Gdevelop’s implementation is new and it’s a bit behind other platforms.I still love Gdevelop for it’s simplicity.


Thanks for the clarification.

There are not much resources that I can work with 3D, like there is a template for 2D isometric of GDevelop. That’s why I was thinking of going 2D.

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I can understand that. I have very little knowledge of the 3D aspect. It’s just not something I’m interested in. But… I can see the benefits of using 3D. I’m curious.

So, maybe create it first in 2D and if you’re still interested, do it in 3D. Walk before you run and all of those cliches.

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Exactly that I was talking about. I do not like the 2D animated movements (sprite frames), so maybe I was wondering if I can somehow manage to render 3D animations (for characters) in 2D worldspace. But then saw, with enough sprite frames, the 2D character animation looks like 3D animation. Like the demo it was shown.

Mindy’s animations look like 3D animations. Therefore, I am thinking maybe I can make 3D characters and then export the frames as sprites in Blender to work with it.

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I don’t currently understand the connection between the 2D and 3D. I’d like to experiment. I’m not sure there’s much difference.

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