Some questions

Hi everyone :slight_smile: Im a newbie to Gdevelop.
Actually I was looking for some game engines that can let me make games without coding.
And I have finally found this, Gdevelop.
I have some questions on this engine.

1 : Can I make ANY kinds of games that I want with Gdevelop?

2 : I wanna make some games like Hotlime-Miam** or Risk of Rai*. Is it possible to make games like those with Gdevelop?

3 : Can I make network games with no coding?

Thx a lot :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Welcome! Feel free to ask anything you like.

In some way I would consider Gdevelop work as coding (that is, you use similar concepts, even though itโ€™s somewhat different, and possibly easier to begin with).

You can make virtually any type of 2D game with Gdevelop. You canโ€™t make 3D games (there is a 3D box object for Native games, but not for HTML5 Browser/Android games). Itโ€™s also not recommended for extremely complex games, as then you need to worry about optimization a lot, but itโ€™s not really limited by itself in any way.

You canโ€™t at this moment make network games in HTML 5 in Gdevelop. You can make native (Windows, Linux) games using the old deprecated network engine, but it might not work perfectly in all cases. In the future, we might have an official network engine built into Gdevelop (I hope so, no announcement that I know of), but for the moment, itโ€™s easier if you stick to non multiplayer games.