Some tween easings gone missing

In the action for tweens under easings it says at he bottom of the options ‘And 10 others’. But as there’s 25 listed, there’s actually only 6 others. And clicking on the 10 others text doesn’t actually bring them into view. It just closes the list. Some of the Back, Bounce and Elastic easings are missing. And if I manually type in the name of one of the missing tweens, it doesn’tt seem to work.

I remember in previous GD versions, clicking on the 10 more line would add them to the list, but when the missing ones come back can the full list just be displayed without having to do this?


Are there any plans to add the six missing easings and to make the list easier to navigate?

These are the three missing easings:
and all three Elastics

Missing from where/when?
Here is the list of tweens:

There are 35 tweens, so it’s showing the first 25 and the ten others you can access by typing the first letter (with a quote, don’t forget).
I agree that cropping the list in this case is not ideal, but this cropping is everywhere in the software, I’m not sure it can be disabled specifically here.


@davy or @Bouh Can we disable the “And 10 others…”, specifically for the tweens? Because the list is fixed, unlike the search results.

Thanks for the info and the link.

If there’s more tweens available than what’s listed at, then that’s great. The easings site has 30 plus linear. It looks like there’s a swing tween in the git link that’s not at the easings site.

But rather than just count the lines in the GD git link, I read them. There seems to be an inconsistency with the bounce and the elastic tweens, they are not fully listed like all the others. The swing tweens are also in a different format to the others.

I don’t know how to intrepret the last three lines in those 35 lines, they don’t seem to have an easing type. is completely unrelated to GDevelop, it’s just a helpful cheat sheet that matches most of our tweens.
Tweens are math functions, anyone can make them, and I suppose that an infinite number of them could be made.
Regarding the last three easings you don’t know how to interpret, give them a try inside GDevelop and you’ll know what they do. :person_shrugging:

If I can’t explain what the problem is then it has no chance, for now, of being fixed. I’ll try to be clearer.

The git easings list has, for example, easeInSine, easeInExpo etc. But easeInBounce and easeInOutBounce are not there. So if I type in easeIn in GD and wait for the suggestions to pop up, easeInBounce is not one of them. So if I just type easeInBounce anyway, then the tween happens, but it acts the same as if I deliberately did a typo. So easeInBounce gives the same result as easeInGounce.

The git list shows that there is a bounce and a bouncePast and they don’t have the word ‘ease’ in front of them like the others.

It would be much better if there was some consistency, especially if the drop down list can’t be expanded to show all options. I don’t understand how a normal GD user is expected to know to type ‘bouncePast’ when the other easings start with the word ‘ease’. And how would we even know that the swingfrom/to easings even exist if they don’t have the same naming format starting with ‘ease’?

Again, you shouldn’t assume that “easeInBounce” should be there, because is unrelated to GDevelop. Only the list from the GitHub is what you should expect.

I believe we’re using a preexisting list of tweens, maybe from here:
I don’t know what this guy was using the tweens for, but maybe he just didn’t need a “easeInBounce” :person_shrugging:

Regarding the naming consistency, I suppose that he used ‘ease’ for one type of easing (and ‘swing’/‘bounce’ for other types), hence why not all of them start with ‘ease’.

But I do agree that the full list should be visible or users have no way of knowing the available options.

To add some clarity here, the naming is from the Shifty javascript library, not so much GDevelop, although I do agree standardization even if it doesn’t match the source library could be good, assuming Bounce is actually easeInBounce equivalent.

Gruk opened up a bug on the github for the inability to extend the list and the naming, so here’s hoping clarity can be added.

Ah that’s good news and if there are any changes/improvements then it would be ideal if the add tween parameters for extensions task on github is kept in the loop.