Something odd in editor happened

something odd happened, I edited level (scene) and when I looked at it again it was like before editing, and that happened a couple of times. Usually, when that happens I cant save (it crashes)
Now, I’m using Gdevelop 5.0.121.I have a filing that in previous version (5.0.0. beta92) that didn’t happen. But it could be that my game has grown from 40 mb to 75 mb, anyway it’s really annoying that I have to keep an eye for that, so is somebody else having similar problems? and is there a solution?

and Gdevelop now often crashes when I try to save (that thing that happened in editor its not necessary for crash to occur)…every day at least once. Is it maybe FireFox,…?

Do you mean you are using the web editor?
Please try to provide precise steps that we can take to reproduce the issue on our side.

no, no I’m using desktop version. Now its ok. I duplicate levels and than edit them. Now its ok. When Gdevelop autosaves (preview), it somehow irons out bugs and quirks, is that possible ?

Who knows. Sometimes bugs trigger the most bizarre behaviors…
But we can’t investigate without details.

When you say that “when you look at it again, it was like before editing”, what did you do in the meantime? Close GDevelop and re-open, switch to another scene, switch to another app, left the computer unattended… ?

I was switching between two scenes. If it happens again I’ll try to remember exectley. Now its ok again :slight_smile:

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