Sometimes there is no real full screen


I found a serious problem. Sometimes the game starts with a gray stripe on top.(screenshot1) I think the info bar. But there is no advertising banner. Most often start normally. (screenshot2)
So in most cases it’s okay. That’s why I don’t know what’s wrong. If I start the program again, it’s usually good. But I can’t ask the user to restart the game if he sees a gray stripe …
I used the online exporter.

Thank for everyone



How did you make the joystick? Great looking game!

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How did you make that joystic?

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The forum link: Simple dual stick 360 shooter
Lizard-13 make some changes, see bottom of the post. I’ve changed a lot, but it’s good for a start.

hi i have the same problem, thought i was the only one. It has to be with admob plugin, i removed intersticials because when i had this bar after a while it was full screen :sweat_smile:
Talked with @4ian but not found a solution


Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, there was such an error when it wasn’t yet admob. :frowning:

Really? i had the problem even with no add shown but with code in the program, maybe if there is some code it includes admob plugin