Sort the examples page alphabetically

Well only that there is if it is possible for the editors of the web to order the examples in alphabetical order so it is easier to search from the browser.
For instance if you search Pathfinding one of the results is far far away of the others two
Almost at the begin of the page

And the others almost at the end of the page


We won’t update or do enhancement in priority because the website is old and can be subject to changes in the short term.
We keep your feedback for the next website.

But let ask you something there is the website still open source I mean in the past I made some changes and pull request and 4ian approved, then published those changes so if the web is still open source I can sort all the examples in my free time. The thing is I can not get the website repo from GitHub anymore I don’t know why, maybe it change the url?


It was turned private and only visible to a select few contributors by 4ian, because he has not seen much interest in contributing to it but many people may have been copying it to host their virus-infected copies of GDevelop, ruining GDevelops reputation.

Oh sorry to hear that, well nothing to do for me then. Anyway thanks for the answer.