Sound bugs in multiple instances

So that the sound of a collectable object doesn’t play in sequence I use Trigger once. However this makes it not touch if I collect more than 2 at the same time. Sound is only output on the first item.

I have another problem too. I’m using an external event that works for one scene (phase 1), but some things don’t work perfectly for another scene (phase 2). Example, I used a condition for the player when colliding with a moving platform, it doesn’t play the falling animation. This caused this animation not to touch the other scene, as this platform doesn’t exist in that other scene.

Hello! As a heads up, folks won’t be able to assist without you showing your events.

Additionally, is strongly recommend to focus on one issue for a bug report/help request.

With that in mind, I’d recommend showing your sound events and people may be able to further assist.

Yes, that’s what trigger once does. It actions the event the first time it’s true, but not subsquent times until the condition is false.

Do you have the animation available in the second scene? Have you made your objects Global Objects?

And as @Silver-Streak wrote, show us a snapshot of the events. It’ll make things easier.


Forgive me, I’m Brazilian and I get a little lost here at the Forum. But here is my specific event.