Sound does not works in IE11

I’m playing a simple sound file, does’t works in IE 11
Tried both ogg, and mp3 extensions not works
I have gone to Howler.js site their sounds works in IE11 but why not works in Gdevelop

I don’t think much works in IE at all. Maybe try Microsoft Edge? (It comes with windows 10) Or maybe chrome? (It’s free and works on many operating systems)

I played GDevelop games on Microsoft Edge, and following the example of IE11, there is no sound.

Out of topic… I think “Miscrosoft Edge” is just IE disguised with a new name and a clipped-white icon :smiley:

Haha I agree. I haven’t used it much because I already had chrome. So I’m not completely sure if it runs any good.
My suggestion is see if sound works in chrome? I remember sound didn’t work in IE for awhile either but it did in chrome.
If it’s not working in chrome then something must be wrong :open_mouth:

I did not think of seeing a day such remarks on this forum… I have the feeling to read comments of pseudo-specialists on 01net. :open_mouth:

Okay… I didn’t mean to offend you in any (mysterious?) way, I just wanted to give some funny comment… as you can see I’m not very good :smiley:

I want to keep peace, but I’ve to note that I never insulted you and didn’t compare you with anything/anyone :frowning:

Sorry if you felt insulted. It was not the goal of my message. It is your message in itself which I criticize, not you.

Without rancor? :unamused:

Without rancor :slight_smile: