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I don’t know if this one is allowed, but I want to share this application to have a sound effects with your game. Specially for those newbies here you can get a sound effect for jump, coins, laser/fire, hit/hurt, power-up, boom, etc.

Look at the example below.
The application installer is just under 100kb so it will take you 1-5 second to install it.

How to use it?

  1. Click a sound effect you want, this will generate a random sound for the selected sound effect.
  2. You can replay it or change it by clicking or touching other sound effect.
  3. You can mutate it, means the selected sound effect will be different from the original one, by random.
  4. To export it just click “Edit Button” and “Export Wav”
  5. You can play around with it’s settings but I recommend just leave it as is.
  6. Then use it, import it to your game!

P.S: I don’t have any sponsorship with this application, I just found this one and share it with those members who needs a simple sound effects with their games.

You can make this kind of post in community section

Oh yeah, wrong section. I will move this one. (Never mind you already moved it) Thanks!

Just as a heads up, there is a built in sound effects editor (based off the same code as SFXR) that you can access by clicking the “Edit” button to the right of any sound window.

It’ll pull up JFXR:

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Ooooh I never had an idea about this one, anyways thanks for the idea, gotta check it :grin:

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