Sound in compiled game

I have a game with some buttons, and a sound “button.wav” in my Desktop. Under GD3, in the game preview, always I move the cursor over a button, the sound “button.wav” is played. But in the compoiled game, the sound is played only one time and never again. I tried play different copies from “button.wav” for every button, different channels, stop the object before play again, pause and play after play the sound, but the sound is played only 1 time:

[code]At beginning of scene:
…Variable(sound) = 0

If mouse over Play_button and Play_button.Animation == 0:
…Play_button.Animation = 1
…If Variable(sound) == 0:
…Play sound “button.wav”

If mouse not over Play_button and Play_button.Animation == 1:
…Play_button.Animation = 0[/code]

Here is a basic scene with a button and a sound, maybe I’m doing something wrong, but sound works fine in GD3’s preview:

EDIT: the link is for the *.rar file, I included the compiled *.exe. If images aren’t loaded in GD3: simply delete the images and import the three *.png images included in the rar.

Could you send all the files in a unique zip file, it’s annoying to download each file one by one? :slight_smile:

Ready :slight_smile: (original message edited)

Thanks, I’ll look at it at soon as possible!

I’ve just tested the executable and it seems to be working! :confused: Everytime I set the cursor on the button, the button turns green and the sound is played. And it does the same thing every time I put the cursor back on it.

Well, I’m more confused than you :confused: :confused: , I’m testing it and I don’t listen anything (it works fine in preview)… my PC volume was at max, I know it because when I closed the game, the classic error when closing GD and GD’s games: ‘te memory can’t be “read”’, killed me :confused: .

EDIT: Maybe is my PC, but if I play the button’s sound with “play music” action, unstead “play sound”… everything works fine