Sound not playing

I have an external event for when a boss enemy fires a bullet, they play a sound. The audio file is WAV. For some odd reason, the sound isn’t playing. here is my event.

Try deleting the triger once condition

didn’t work. I hope there’s no clashing events.

Has just fired is a trigger once itself it just happen one time.
You can test with Play sound on channel
And add the sound when the boss fire the bullet and not when has fired I mean at the moment when you create the bullet add the sound there.

A few high level notes:

  1. The fire bullet extension is just that, a user made extension, so there could be oddities happening with the condition you’re using.
  2. You almost always want to use “Play the sound on a channel” so you can avoid sounds overlapping each other.
    Other than the above, UlisesFreitas’ feedback is pretty spot on.