Sound Problem

My game has very serious sound problem.
Some time sound effect plays and some time it responses very late and also some time sound effects play then suddenly sound goes away.

I’m using simple sound play event on actions see

Is there any other efficient way to make sounds consistent. I specially face these issues when play game on android chrome browser

As you trigger the event only once if the cursor is over “moreGames”, if you don’t move the mouse between two mouse click, next time you click, the event is not going to be triggered and the sound is not going to play. The variable also could causing problems in case you change it value in wrong order. Since I can’t see where and when the variable is set to 1 and back to 0 (or anything different to 1), I’m not sure if it actually a problem but in case you want to simply play a “tick” sound when the “moreGames” button is clicked, I suggest to do something like this:

In case you change the scene as soon as the button is clicked, you may need to check first if the sound is being played and change scene only after the “tick” sound is played.