Sound problem

In my game, music don’t play. If I open terminal I have this:

Successfully loaded Levelmusic.ogg Failed to open sound file from memory (Supported file format but file is malformed.) Failed to play audio stream: sound parameters have not been initialized (call Initialize first)

I am pretty sure sound is OK, as I exported it from Audacity and it have great OGG support. This leaving us with second error. How to “call initialize”?

By the way - happen both in compiled and from within editor. Tried both simple and one file compilation. Please release hotfix for this.

Well, any help? Game without music isn’t nice…

//edit: If anyone interested, this is said music file:
And game executable:

Don’t know where the problem comes from as the sounds are managed on linux by GD using the same tool library as on Windows. I’ve encountered the same problem on Ubuntu 11.10 but i thought it was due to the fact I was using a virtual machine.

Maybe you should change your sound library to something else which is proven to be working on both systems, like SDL or Allegro? This would allow to implement variety of other music and sound formats like FLAC, .xm/.i/.s3m too, either by built-in SDL/Allegro interfaces or by external libraries such as FMOD or libmodplug.

SDL/Allegro would be used only for sounds, mind you. Graphics would be still handled by SFML.

Any fix for sound? I cannot publish game with no sound.

Try to delete the file “” and see if musics work better.

Yup, that fixed my problem! Thanks!