Space Blaster Showcase

I’m working on a game called Space Blaster, this version is not the final version yet, but i would like to share the game a little with you guys, and you could tell me what you think, or something that could be better about the game, or even report a bug! :slightly_smiling_face:

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i find it annoying, that there are invisible boarders
i get why there are boarders, but there should be some visible indicators to where they are.

another thing is the stutter of the rocket when the mouse is on it.
maybe only move the rocket when the distance to mouse is greater the the size of the rocket?

the game is simple, but entertaining.

Well, there aren’t invisible barriers, if your mouse can’t go out of the screen, your ship can’t go out of the screen :man_shrugging:

yeah sorry, it was the rocket stutter, beeing too close to the mouse, that made me thing that there barriers.

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