Space Block Survival - Simple Pixel Art Space Game

This is just a small game I made, it is very simple. Basically the player is a spaceship, and roams about space shooting enemies and planets to collect resource. There is currently no goal to achieve in the game, other than to not die. The player can also build walls to keep out the enemy, but these quickly chew up resource.

Link to Space Block’s page:

For some reason, the online version crashes at Y: -5000, but the executables don’t appear to have the same issue.

If anyone has any good feedback/ideas on the game, feel free to comment :smiley:

It’s simple and cool, but I’m not getting how to get resources. Ship is out of resources too easy and too soon.

Ahh yes thankyou! A tutorial is probably a good idea and maybe add more ways to gain resource.
Thanks for your feedback! :smiley: