SPACE DAWGZ...on Kickstarter!

hello everyone! I’ve been using GDevelop for about 3 years, like most of us I kinda figure the first game will be a flop, but I will still try to make it the best it can be! Hats off to this incredible piece of software! It has been a joy working on my first game…I would say the main issues are with compiling for some reason but it has been amazing learning this software, its WAY more powerful than people think, my first game might not be a success, but it was extremely fun to make…rock on GD!!! Ive seen a lot of the GD communities work and it is AWESOME, I really thing over the next 5 years this software is going to explode, especially because they keep MAKING IT BETTER!!!

My game Space Dawgz in now on Kickstarter! view the page here>>>

also…my website:


Wow this is awesome! I wish I could draw that good. ._. But anyway, I have a feeling that if you pay for advertising then it might just blow up! I like that it is ps controller compatible. I was wondering if you have a team on this or just yourself, because if its just you that is awesome!

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yep, its just me. And you are totally correct, its hard to do the crowdfunding without spending something on advertising. THANK YOU for your compliment!, I honestly went into kickstarter with the notion that it would fail so that I could learn for the future. But its actually doing better than I thought :slight_smile:


I did try the demo version.
I do like the atmosphere and the visuals but not so much the gameplay.

The problems I have:

  • can not skip the intro
  • no escape key is implemented, no way to jump back to main menu
  • no exit game option?
  • can not change controls
  • can not crouch
  • can shoot only forward and only very limited distance
  • constantly zooming in and out if you shoot and move and jump, very distracting.
  • collision with platforms is not great, often get stuck in platforms and difficult to jump on them or we fall through the platforms.
  • enemies can see you and fire at you even if they are outside the screen which is make it annoying when you not only need to deal with the enemy right in-front of you but also others who knows where, and again, because can not shoot too far, there is nothing you can do about it, you need to fight through a sea of bullets.

This is my very first impressions of the game, which is not very good to be honest. But I can see the potential. If you could address the above and release the demo at, maybe you could find people to support you that way is well.

Considering you did everything on your own, it is very impressive though.
Wish you good luck, looking forward to play the final version :+1:

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Hi! I tested your game and it needs a lot of polishing.
-Jumping and movement overall is awkward.
-Player hitbox is way too big.
-You can press shoot button to the end of time and camera will zoom infinity.
-too much camera zooming every where.
-Add subtitles in intro video.
-Everything ddabrahim said.

I recommend you to start discord channel for example, and find people who can test it out and give you feedback all the time. Game testing and other people feedback are very important things that should not be underrated. Because usually people find bugs and annoying things that you have no idea.

But this game have a great potential! I wish you a good luck and keep it going!

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thank you all for your feedback…As mentioned in the game “preview” basically all I have is the core “visuals” and “sounds and atmosphere” completed. The next step for me is adding deeper gameplay and to tighten up problems such as the firing issue (laser vanishes) Thanks Rapa & dda fo the honesty. I basically have gotten the visuals and overall core layout of the game and I dont expect it to be done until about June-July 2020, I would say the main problems are the “sticky” bugs in which the player gets stuck but the MAIN one is basic gameplay, this means creating new enemies and more bosses. Thanks again for your input! I take it seriously. As for the kickstrater, it is my first time using that platform, so I don’t expect immediate success. Also…the firing/zooming…I hear you on that, but I simply like tat feature, HOWEVER bullets coming from across the level and not being able to see the “source” is another problem set to be fixed. I will copy and save your input to apply what changes I can at the right time. Also, what you’ve seen in the video and demo is basically a visual scaffolding of the game, next up is to build around it.!

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But you know that if you keep pressing fire button, camera zooms infinity? You can zoom so close to the player that you can see fleas jumping in fur of the dog :smiley:
Zooming thing can be cool feature if you make camera act smooth.

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