Space eaters! retro space shooter

This would be the second game I’ve made and published, Space eaters is a “retro space shooter” with simple controls, it was made using some of the Pico-8 limitations such as resolution and color though not entirely, I spent a few days on this project and would love to get some feedback on it, if you do play it and send feedback, it is very much appreciated!

Try and get a highscore!

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Hello, sdsadas!

Nice game! It has great gameplay and great retro atmosphere!!!

Edit.: I played some more and noticed a few things.

  1. I think this part needs more space to show my points related to the upgrade:

  2. After buying a few “Bullets” upgrades, the game became very easy making the other upgrades not to much useful

  3. It would be nice if when we reach the points to make a new upgrade, none of the options were chosen, because as I’m shooting I end up selecting the upgrade without having the chance to choose :eyes:

  4. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t play much, but I missed bosses.


The problem with the numbers not having space is mostly because the resolution is so tiny (128x128), as for the bullets making the game easy, I did it because I was having trouble coming up with ideas for upgrades and it was more of a last minute addition, lastly there are no bosses in the game, I did plan for there to be some, but I don’t have a lot of experience as a game developer and that made me realize it would be too ambitious to have them.
I hope this was a detailed enough explanation, I’ll see if I can update the game.

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