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Space shooter X by TimeSpace (

Space shooter X

Space shooter x is a fast paced action shooter game, kill enemies and dodge asteroids. how long you can survive in dark deep space?

show it by scoring the highest.

This is our first game , please play and rate and write a review . it will help us a lot. also consider donating to us , so that we can keep making games.

Thank you!

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The look etc. is nice. I’ll mention a few negative points so you can fix them.

  • In desktop full screen everything is broken
  • The spaceship flickers all the time, also on mobile
  • The music is not looped
  • Holding the mouse button the whole time is not good
  • Enemy bullets make sound and effect, but no damage
  • I would swap the position of restart and menu buttons in the endscreen and rename the title from Restart to Game Over

Cool, thank you for the feedback . we will note it down. and improve :grinning:
if possible please rate the game on itchio

Nice! The look of the game is very cool! And good song! :open_mouth:
I agree with Jack’s feedback. Some other negative points i realized were:

  • It is very difficult with the simple shoot to be able to defeat the enemies without being hit because they shoot too fast
  • No sound when we destroy an enemy
  • Repetitive, because there is no variation with new enemies, bosses… (at least not as far as I played)
  • When a sound is played the first time there is a delay. Maybe you can fix this by activating “preload” through resources

Goodluck! :v:

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Thank you! @Rasterisko for your feedback. we will surely take your point into consideration and work on it, on our next update. if possible you can rate the game on itchio out of 5.

The overall design looks very promising. I wish you the best of luck :wink:

I would like to add that the feedback on some of the buttons was pretty good, but there were some that didn’t have much feel to them. The “Resume” button in the pause menu didn’t give me any feedback. And the “Restart” and “Home” buttons only have feedback when you release them. This makes it look odd in my opinion :slight_smile:

Also, I tried the game on mobile and I didn’t see the spaceship under my finger. It looked like my thumb was being attacked.

Again, good luck with your project!

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Thank you! @Epicsleeper
we got your point, thank for feedback . we will improve feature and design wise ofcourse.
we just released the first initial release so that we can get people give us feedback and we can work on that to improve the game further as people want.

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