Space Warhog released

Hello Community! I made my first gdevelop game for iOS and Android. If you want to play and test it, go ahead

:fire: With 3 game modes and an exciting Endless Runner style, you’ll never get bored! Discover secrets in each mode as you fly through space, dive into the sea, or race on land.

:flying_saucer: Face off against a horde of enemies while exploring an engaging and entertaining story. Where can you play? Anywhere! From the WC to family gatherings, Space Warhog is your perfect companion for fun anytime, anywhere! :star2:

Download now and join the battle for the universe!

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The game is really cool. The art is probably my favorite part of the game but the story sequence in the beginning is a close a second. The music fits really well with the game and makes the experience a lot more fun. The underwater mode is pretty hard but overall the game play is very fun. I really like what you did here!

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Thank you so much for your feedback and for playing :grinning: