SpaceBB(For a lack of a better name), a open universe 4 player coop game. The game is quite early, and I am having a blast making it. The demo is about 25% ready, and my server is about 50% complete to control the 4 player data, the GUI is about 75% done.

The screenshot is from a fight with a carrier and it’s drones. The AI was the most fun part so far, they were way too easy to cheese the first 2 attempts, but now they are tenacious and if you let them swarm, you die haha!

4 player did you happen to create a multiplayer game?

Anyway congratulations for the graphic part is very pretty, we are waiting for further developments:).

Yes it will be 4 player LAN/Internet play. The server setup in the demo I am making is very messy, but I am re-writing it with everything I learned, and it works great so far.

Yeah the art is very clean, I am in talks with an artist atm, hoping he can do some custom art for the demo.

Here is a short video of part of the demo I am making, part of my GUI is malfunctioning but ah well, it will get fixed. Lot’s of stuff to add yet, but I am enjoying myself :smiley: .

A truly sci-fi concept!
Looking good, congrats! :slight_smile:

Thanks!! I have 2 players coop working on lan and Internet just getting enemies to attack everyone in a sorta-intelligible manner!! Can’t wait to share the demo :mrgreen:

Quick Update: Have been super busy with construction(my job) and the farm(other job), but I have managed to get a bit of time done on the game, networking has been a challenge, but fun. Co-op is almost fully integrated, I had to re-do a whole bunch of script for a more efficient experience and it’s paying off. I am about 75% done my demo and (hopefully) get to share it soon. :smiley: