Spaceman! :) [teaser/screenshots]

Hello again!
I’m very happy to share some of the progress on my next GDevelop-made game. This one is called Spaceman, and it’s an space/sci-fi-themed adventure game about exploring, gathering resources and fightings enemies to rescue your loved one.

I made a small video with some of the Spaceman’s features, but I’m still working a lot to implement new and more complex ones. It’s been great to gather experience with GDevelop and see it reflected on new and improved games. If anyone wants to check some of the screenshots, descriptions and the teaser, please follow the link below.

I would love to hear some critics or tips based on these images/video (and also about the logo/art), so please do!! :smile:
Again: thanks to the GDevelop community for all the help with the features.

Here’s the teaser (if you can’t or don’t want to open the last link):

PS: I’m really sorry I didn’t post the Steam tutorial yet (I said I was going to release this monday). I’m still working on it to release something helpful, but this game as well as college has been taking a lot of my time. But very soon I’m going to post. And also, I thought it would be interesting to share the sales from my previous game released on Steam, so new/indie devs could have some clues about what to expect, but this is the first week the last game is at full price. So maybe in two or three weeks I would have better statistics about the game.
PS2: Even though it says release on December 3, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to achieve that, since I still got a reasonable amount of work to finish on this game. But it’s being release until December 31 for sure.


Congrats! It looks good.

Good job. Looks really cool. Can’t wait until I get something finished like you. Thank you for your inspiration