Spider Cave. My new game

Hello everyone. this is my 3. published game with game gdevelop 5.

What I learned while making this game:
I learned to design models in gdevelop.
I learned how to create music and sound effects in gdevelop.
I learned to use some variables
I learned more about layers.

I hope I will make much better games. I love making games. I want to make a game with a long story. I hope I will succeed. maybe a game like creepy tale.
thanks to everone


hey, I remember you! I didn’t beat the game, but it’s really nice that you are still making games!
I wish the game had an invicibility timer, it’s a bit unforgiving to get hurt rapidly.
hope your future games will even be more fun <3

You’re right, making a shield is a good idea. I will work on the game. thank you