Spider Killer

Not a perfect game, but i think it’s playable. I hope somebody’s try it. It have two player mode too. When i have time, i try do gamepad support. Now i start next project :smiley: . Lot of work, but it’s funny to do games. Thanks all!

Game is well made and everything works fine! Good job overall!
I think you should add this game to gamejolt and add leaderboard there so people can compete which survive the longest :slight_smile:

If I remember right I used this when made Jumpy the spider game: https://gamejolt.com/@noname754754/post/gamejolt-game-achievements-for-gdevelop-czvasxme
It didn’t worked perfectly, because it didn’t save all the hi-scores if you happened to make more than 1 hiscore at the playtime, so you had to restart the whole game if you happen to make a new hiscore and wanted to save it.
And this works only html5 games.

I check can i do that. Save system is like Jumpy game. Thanks to you, Jubeliuksen3 and your examples. Keep going!!