Sprite behaves weird when it is under a bridge log which has a behavior of Jumpthru platform

I was creating a platform game using the “How to make a platform game” tutorial. I added a Jump thru platform as instructed in the tutorial. Now, when my sprite goes under the bridge, before I make it jump it starts shaking as shown below:
I applied nothing more than what was asked in the tutorial.
Is it a bug?

seems like it is mooving and animation set to moving
Maybe you could show your Code events to check thems. Remmember that the order is very important

I think you have a conflict of animations because the character is colliding with the platform while standing on the ground. I suppose you can add some conditions to the animation events to avoid that.

These are the Code events.

seems correct maybe there is something else on keypress events?

I made no changes to the keypress events.

I cannot reproduce the issue using the default platformer example.