Sprite files with specific names won't display

I have animation frames called:

Rabbit_anim_D_run 01 (20 characters) with a different number for each frame and none show up.
It doesn’t happen only to this file it happens to:
Rabbit_anim_L_run_Sheet 01
Rabbit_anim_R_run_Sheet 01 (26 characters)

At first, I thought that maybe the names were too long. Nope, if I add an “r” rRabbit_anim_D_run 01 it displays.
if i erase even 1 single letter it shows up. I tried to modify it’s size from: 309B, to 16 kb it didn’t help, the problem seems to be in the names :confused:

I’ll leave a link to download one of each sprite if that helps:
Dropbox Sprites

Did you try by removing the space ? To get like “Rabbit_anim_D_run_01” instead of “Rabbit_anim_D_run 01”

Are you using Gdevelop 4 ou 5, because if you’re using Gdevelop 5 and make a change on a picture you mostly have to close and open back Gdevelop to make the change and see if your changes work.

I’m using Gdevelop 5.
The space doesn’t seem to make any difference because as I said, adding or removing one letter makes the sprite visible.
I’m not talking about making a change to the file so it doesn’t display because it’s outdated, this is just the inability to render the image with these exact names, it’s not a big deal I just changed the name but if I change it back to those name it won’t show up its really weird XD.
Did you try to download the sprites I uploaded and tried by urself? Maybe it’s a problem on my local configuration? but it only happens with those names. Importing fresh files from a backup folder that keep the same name won’t display so it’s not a problem about refreshing an outdated file.

Well then Iguess it’s from your side
I downloaded both with the exact same name, added them on a basic sprite object and all work, and if I start the preview of my game, it appear in the scene too
Here is a picture of it: prntscr.com/jdfiq2

Maybe you have the resources duplicated?, so a different file name solves the name conflict. Try to check that in the resources manager :slight_smile:

I created a new project and tested again and it all worked fine, so I checked the resources manager for my project and found a bunch of files that I thought I had erased, guess resources don’t get erased when you delete an object. Do I have to delete every resource that I won’t use manually from the resource manager? I just picked up the software sorry about that. I’m gonna read the documentation xd. Sorry for the trouble

Don’t worry, the software tries to make the process the most straightforward possible, and such details get omitted :slight_smile: