Sprite not showing image and sprite not showing

If you look at my objects on the right all my sprites have this weird image now.

And I can’t see my sprites in my scene but in the preview I can. You can’t see them but I put the sprite on the scene.

It’s my second day using GDevelop so I don’t know everything there

That image besides the Cookie, AutoClicker, ClickUpgrade and Background sprites in the objects panel indicate the files you used fro them are no longer where they were originally. You may have deleted, moved or renamed the files. GDevelop doesn’t keep track of that. You’ll need to edit the sprites and add the images again.

Oh ok thanks a lot! =)

Just in case, every single change in folders (letter or ubication) produce this error, is very common and just need to select the sprite or sprites again.
Warning: I recommended you in future make copies, some people have problems and saves copies helped a lot.